⚠️ warning: this list is about a disaster that claimed over 100 lives, exactly 50 years ago.
  1. One village, Aberfan in Wales.
  2. 21 October 1966.
  3. 0915.
  4. 150,000 cubic metres of coal waste and mining debris suddenly slid down into the village.
  5. Pantglas School was buried in the slurry.
  6. 116 children killed.
  7. The children were aged between 7 and 10.
  8. 28 adults died.
  9. Five teachers were among the dead.
  10. A few children were pulled out alive.
  11. No survivors were found after 11am.
  12. It took nearly a week before all of the bodies were recovered.
  13. 😢
    If the disaster had struck a few minutes earlier, the children would not have been in their classrooms. If it had happened later in the day, the children would have left for their half term holiday.
  14. 😢
    The stories are truly heartbreaking. I'm in tears just reading about it.
  15. 😢
    It's been featured a lot in the British media this week. An absolute tragedy THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED if the warnings had been heeded.