Kinda live listing Thursday 2 March
  1. c.0730
    Arrive at the office super early because I want to speak on the 'phone with a colleague in Tokyo. They are 10 hours ahead, so I catch him just before he is heading home.
  2. 0830 - head to the staff canteen for breakfast.
    No pics because I devour it in a nano-second.
  3. 0845 - colleagues arrive and we discuss our plans for the day.
    My plan involves leaving early...
  4. 0930 - I discuss tactics for a meeting with my head of department.
    He freaks me out by saying I'm his back up! I am NOT! He is at least 3 grades higher than I am so - no.
  5. 1015 - how I feel ahead of the 1030 meeting:
  6. 1230 - an hour and a half meeting!
    And the guests didn't eat the biscuits, so... Well, it would be rude not to, right?
  7. 1300 - LUNCH!!!
    Al desko, while I catch up with e-mails, read the BBC website, gossip with colleagues and think about the next meeting which is in 30 minutes.
  8. 1330 - 1430, a master class from my head of department to lots of people entitled "Rock & Roll Diplomacy"...
    He was the Ambassador to Cuba when Mick J et al played a free concert to hundreds of thousands of people. Tim (head of department) was funny, engaging and insightful.
  9. 1430 - 1500, telephone call with a colleague who is working from home today.
    She is on leave tomorrow and Monday, so I will cover her duties.
  10. 1500 - 1530, meeting with a colleague (I'm his line manager).
    He is also on leave tomorrow and Monday, so I will be covering his duties too. #Pray4Diva
  11. 1630 - I'm outta here!
  12. I ❤️ London
    The composition is a bit rubbish, but you can see the Elizabeth Tower from here.