As requested by @k8zinker (thanks!), here we go!
  1. Give yourself a pat on the back
    OMGoodness - you SURVIVED! All that studying; all those books.
  2. Hug your parents - your siblings - your extended fam
    They may have been collateral damage in your war on studying and getting good grades.
  3. Give your teachers the benefit of the doubt
    If you don't admire them now, it is quite likely you will in a few years.
  4. Hug your friends
    You will hopefully make lots & lots of new friends, you will hopefully retain a lot of your school/college friendships, but some friendships will end. Sad.
  5. Fall in love - don't fall in love - make love - don't make love
    It's up to you. No-one but you. It isn't anyone else's business either.
  6. Travel
    See the world - or even just a new town! You'll learn so much.
  7. Choose a job or a career that you love &/or enjoy!
    Because then it WON'T BE WORK, it truly will be a labour of love.
  8. Wear sunscreen!
    Baz Luhrmann is right.