Inspired by @shash - here's her fab list: A Photo Every Hour I'm Awake: March 19th, 2017
  1. 0700, BST (British Summer Time)
    Right! Let's do this! I am barely awake but I want to try this. The day is peeking through these blinds, so it must be time to get up... That, and the shrill sound of the alarm clock.
  2. 0810, BST
    Always desperately needed! ☕️
  3. 0910, BST
    Tried to capture the sun and shadow patterns on the bathroom tiles. 🙄
  4. c1015: heading out!
    Ignore my battered footwear, please. Focus on these fab tiles that I am obscuring - typically Edwardian, I think.
  5. 1150
    If you guys thought there wouldn't be a coffee pic in my fave local cafe/deli, well, you trippin'!
  6. 1245: Oh the glamour!!!
    Even Divas do laundry?!
  7. 1320-ish: lunch!
    At home, with the parentals. A polite person would have used a plate.
  8. 1420
    First mammogram! Thank you NHS!
  9. 1500 - hospital visit
    My mum and I went to visit a family friend in hospital. The patient is being looked after really well and she's in good spirits. She's about 85 years old (we think).
  10. Oops, c1600
    Hospitals are always warm, and so I developed a raging thirst! As soon as we got home, I needed SNACKS! [our dodgy internet meant this did not post within the right time frame 🙄]
  11. 1725
    Back to work tomorrow, so I am charging my work phone...
  12. 1825
    This is my spot! Basically, I'll only move from this spot for food. Not even joking.
  13. 1900
    I absolutely ❤️ this man! I don't usually watch The One Show on BBC1, but John Boyega is on it tonight, SO I MUST WATCH IT! Mr Boyega is from Peckham, which is not too far from where I live. He never forgets his humble beginnings, and he always makes positive contributions to Peckham and the community that lives there.
  14. 2020
    Doing laundry means FRESH BED LINENS!!! Not ironed though, obvs.
  15. 2159
    The chaos that is my bedside table.
  16. 2200
    Not again. 😭
  17. 2240
    Dear Reader, thank you for accompanying me today. It's been fun! I'm going to try to be in bed before 2300... Good night! 😴