1. Join in if you are so inclined! No pressure, it's just for fun!
  2. Day one: Joy
    The exact emotion I felt on opening my Secret Santa gift from @MichaelRose last year. The box was beautifully wrapped and inside THERE WAS CHOCOLATE!!! I'm surprised you didn't hear me scream TBH, regardless of where you were in the world. Pic taken on 14 December 2016.
  3. Day 2: Sparkle
    I bought this birthday card for my lovely friend, Lara. It's her special day on Friday - and this card fits her personality so well! She really sparkles!
  4. Day 3: Round
    I promise that I did not eat all of them...
  5. Day 4: Stripes
    This is a pic from June 2010, the French State Visit to the UK.
  6. Day 5: Long
    I like necklaces. I usually wear short necklaces, but this long one is a favourite of mine because of its versatility: it goes well with both formal and informal clothes; it complements black and/or white clothes, but looks equally good with colourful clothing (at least, I *think* it does...)
  7. Day 6: Giant
    The statue of Horatio Nelson towers above everything else in Trafalgar Square.
  8. Day 7: Shadows
  9. Day 8: in my home
    We live in an Edwardian terrace house that has some original features. My grandparents, who used to own this house, ripped out all the original fireplaces when they installed central heating in the 1970s. 😢
  10. Day 9: Dry
    Hmm, this was a tricky one for me. But this works, right?!
  11. Day 10: Buried
  12. Day 11: Gentle
  13. Day 12: Clean
  14. Day 13: Overexposed
  15. Day 14: Sunset
    This was taken a couple of years ago from my apartment in Ottawa. I still miss 🇨🇦
  16. Day 15: A favourite
    A delicious Indian meal at one of my favourite restaurants, Dishoom, with a fabulous friend, Kendra.
  17. Day 16: Best friend