1. Today is my friend Jon's birthday!
    We've been friends since 1987, when we met at uni. The very first time I went to New York, Jon came with me. I am godmother to one of his sons.
  2. Today is my friend Lara's birthday!
    Lara and I were colleagues first, but we quickly became great friends. When she worked in Montserrat 🇲🇸 I went to visit her, and we had a fab holiday.
  3. Today is my friend Amy's birthday!
    I've known Amy since 2012, when I worked in Canada. She is such fun, and totally dedicated to her career and her dog.
  4. So I reckon I have an affinity with people born on this day and therefore I KNOW that I would be best friends with this guy:
  5. Happy birthday, Barack!
  6. Giphy