Listed alphabetically, with my favourite song of theirs ❤️ (So, I didn't say they were cool songs, so shhh)
  1. ALANIS Morrisette (born in Ottawa, Ontario)
    You learn (Jagged Little Pill, 1995)
  2. AVRIL Lavigne (born in Belleville, Ontario)
    Complicated (Let go, 2002)
  3. CARLY Rae Jepsen (born in Mission, British Columbia)
    Call Me, Maybe (Kiss, 2012)
  4. CELINE Dion (born in Charlemagne, Quebec)
    Where does my heart beat (Unison, 1990)
  5. NELLY Furtado (born in Victoria, British Columbia)
    I'm Like A Bird (Whoa Nelly, 2000)