Inspired by @amieshmamie! I've been a diplomat for 20 years.
  1. 1. I thought about diplomacy as a career after I graduated from university. I had a degree in languages and I wanted to use them.
    I just knew that I wanted to travel.
  2. 2. My degree was a four year course - the third year was spent in Italy! 🇮🇹
    The year abroad was one of the very best things about uni!
  3. 3. Free - Gratis - Nada!
    My local authority paid for my degree. Back in those days (1987), there were no such things as student loans. Families' income were taken into account: I was the eldest of four children and my parents' income was low. I am angry, anxious and apprehensive about paying for tertiary education as I think that only rich families will be able to afford it.
  4. 4. Best part of my job: definitely the people, both at home and overseas! And the travelling!!! It has been an honour and a privilege to work as a diplomat.
    Nepal - Yemen - Seychelles - Pakistan - Philippines - Guyana - Kazakhstan - France - Costa Rica - Paraguay - Tunisia - Cambodia - Australia - USA - Brazil - Canada.
  5. 5. Worst part of my job: being apart from my family.
    I accept this, of course. The missed birthdays, anniversaries, weddings.
  6. 6. Ironic part of my job: I am not very diplomatic! I mean what I say, and say what I mean.
    I often get into trouble because of this.
  7. 7. End goal? Why, world peace of course!
    That would be nice.
  8. 8. If I wasn't a diplomat?
    I would definitely be working in the public sector. But my dream job would involve travelling to art galleries to look at Renaissance art and 19th century French paintings!
  9. 9. I'm content, but... International relations are going through a rough period right now.
    Both at home and abroad.