1. Monday, 0800
    Grande coffee frapp, because I am pretending that the weather is still warm and summer-y. In the company of strangers who all seem desperate for caffeine.
  2. Tuesday, 0740
    Flat white at Caffe Nero. No proper cups this morning apparently - paper cups for everyone. Grey storm clouds today, so I opted for a hot beverage. My fellow coffee addicts are mostly business types who are suited and booted.
  3. Tuesday, 1330
    A single espresso to stop me falling asleep in this afternoon's meetings. Oh boy!
  4. Wednesday, 0845
    Black Americano, one sugar. At Dishoom, just before I consumed a bacon naan!!! In the company of my work BFF, who is leaving the team next week. #bittersweet
  5. Thursday, 0815
    Back at Caffè Nero, and they have resolved the issue with proper cups - YAY! Another flat white (even though a double espresso would probably be more helpful right now). In the company of tourists, people using the free wifi and others. I'm going to be late for work *sigh*
  6. Friday, 0625
    First cup of the day! Complete with smeared lipstick mark that I hastily tried to wipe before taking this pic, because ya know, I'm fancy.
  7. Friday, 0745
    Just about my favourite place in the whole wide world for coffee! A yummy flat white at the Monmouth Coffee Company in Borough Market en route to the office. In the company of early birds and hipsters.
  8. Saturday, 1015
    Flat white at The Brockley Deli - my fave local spot for coffee. It's very strong, I'll be awake FOR DAYS... In the company of yummy mummies and their offspring, students and someone speaking Finnish (?)
  9. Saturday, c1100
    Another flat white. Creamier than the previous one. In the company of loads of people buying fresh fruit and veg, flowers and yummy food treats.
  10. Sunday, 0945
    It's supposed to be a flat white. Does not really taste like a flat white though... Oh well!