*Well, when I say "with", he was actually sitting about three tables away from me and my friend, Pete.
  1. Coke
    Get yourself an ice cold beverage because your dining companion has to take THREE work calls as soon as you sit down at the table.
  2. Garlic Bread
    Order something to eat as the "quick" work calls seem to stretch FOR EVERRR and you are so bloody starving that you DEVOUR the bread before you remember that you should have taken a pic. I was HUNGRY so don't judge me.
  3. Pizza
    Devouring continues unabated as you eschew basic cutlery to eat this deliciousness WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. (Prosciutto e funghi, just in case you were wondering).
  4. Hazelnut cheese cake
    Because Diva digs dessert.
  5. 😋 🐷 😋