Not really sure why docile, biddable horses don't have songs written about them TBH..! Here's the playlist: EDIT: Some FANTASTIC suggestions from some awesome listers now added! I'll sort out the playlist later thank you BYE! 🐴🐴🐴
  1. [Edit] Pony - Ginuwine 🐴
    Thank you @jessicavonbergen! 😗 HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS? ERROR REGRETTED!
  2. Wild Horses 🐴
  3. [Edit] Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett 🐴
    Thank you @solitarygigi! 😗
  4. Who's gonna ride your wild horses? 🐴
  5. Crazy Horses 🐴
    The Osmonds
  6. [Edit] Horse with No Name - America 🐴
    Thank you @Heartsounds! 😗
  7. [Edit] Wildfire - America 🐴
    Thank you again @solitarygigi and @Heartsounds