Yep! It's *that* time of the year again - when European nations, plus Israel AND AUSTRALIA (?!) all compete in a singing competition. It is unbelievably CHEESY and the voting is hilariously political, BUT WE ❤️IT. My faves from years gone by are:
  1. 1. Waterloo by Abba (Sweden, winners in 1974)
    Best Eurovision song EVER!
  2. 2. Euphoria by Loreen (Sweden, winner in 2012)
    Great song! Modern and atmospheric. (Sweden takes Eurovision VERY seriously).
  3. 3. Playing with Fire by Paula Seling & Ovi (Romania, participants in 2010)
    They didn't win but I ❤️ their song!
  4. 4. Hallelujah by Milk & Honey (Israel, winners in 1979)
    Sung in Hebrew, the group came on stage one by one to join the singing. They may have sung a verse or two in English at the end of the competition when they had won. FABULOUS!
  5. 5. A little peace by Nicole (Germany, winner in 1982)
    After she had won the competition, Nicole sang again, with each verse in a different language. BRILLIANT!
  6. 6. Save your kisses for me by Brotherhood of Man (UK, winners in 1976)
    Cheesy! As a nine year old, I totally nailed the group's dance routine!
  7. 7. Making your mind up by Buck's Fizz (UK, winners in 1981)
    Another cheesy group with a dance routine that involved the guys pulling off the women's long skirts to reveal mini skirts... 👀 SO WRONG!