Who's your favourite? Perhaps tell me via suggestions? Thank you lovelies!
  1. Bette Davis?
  2. Joan Crawford?
  3. Ms Davis and Ms Crawford
    "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?"
  4. Bette
    Gives the BEST shade and queen of the side eye
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  5. BETTE
    She's simply the best.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  6. BETTE ⭐️
    She commanded all of the attention whenever she walked onscreen
    Suggested by   @taylormorley
  7. Bette 🏆
    Definitely a "mass of music and fire" not "a kazoo and some sparklers." 💪🏼
    Suggested by   @angela3950
    Suggested by   @Dashelamet
  9. Joan Crawford (watch her in The Women to see the fleekest of eyebrows)
    Suggested by   @jenna
  10. Bette.
    I think one of the reasons is Bette kept acting into the 1980s, and some of those parts were in kids movies. I knew of her through The Watcher in the Woods and Return to Witch Mountain, long before I'd ever heard of Joan Crawford.
    Suggested by   @Equivokate
  11. Bette Davis
    Suggested by   @rycores
  12. Bette, definitely.
    Suggested by   @RlistHer
  13. No question. Bette Davis
    Eyes, attitude, larger than life persona, don't fuck with me look. A true original one of a kind. (male counterpart would be Bogart)
    Suggested by   @MMeanswell