I know this is not a classic film, it is not in any way original AT ALL, but I absolutely LOVE it!
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    It is a rom com: our hero, Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry! Look how young he looks!!!) goes on a journey:
    Rom com leads ALWAYS go on a journey and learn things about themselves and their intended, don't they?
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    Does this film reinforce basic stereotypes? Ugh! Definitely. Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek) is presented as an "exotic" artistic type:
    You know, opposites attract and all that!
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    It's also a "fish out of water" comedy:
    As Alex, a typical New Yorker, is working on a project in Las Vegas. His interactions with Isabel's big, exuberant family are funny, contrasting sharply with his rather conservative parents. I like the fact that this is a rom com which is (mostly) located somewhere other than NYC. We see a bit of Nevada and Mexico.
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    It's still more rom than com though:
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    Alex's ๐Ÿ’กmoment:
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    It's got a great soundtrack BTW! This song for the closing credits (of course):