I'm not a big fan of westerns, but this film is not just a western! (⬅️ Not throwing shade, fans of westerns!) I have read stuff that this is part Shakespeare, part Greek tragedy. I concur! There are many reasons why I really like this film:
  1. Static
  2. Our hero:
    Gary Cooper as Will Kane. A strong sense of duty. Against all odds.
  3. The heroine?
    I have always been a fan of Grace Kelly! But is Amy the real heroine in this film? Or is it...
  4. The alternative heroine...
    Katy Jurado as Helen Ramirez?
  5. The song
  6. The plot:
    A good guy - a young bride - the bad guys - a looming deadline! Will good triumph over evil???
  7. Pacing
    Everything happens in (almost) real time! TENSION!
  8. Production
    Stark black & white, the sky was not filtered and the prints were made a few points lighter than normal. Great cinematography!
  9. Academy Awards:
    Best Actor; Best Film Editing; Best Music, Score; Best Song.
  10. Golden Globes:
    Ms Jurado won in the Best Supporting Actress category, the first Mexican to receive the award. 🙌🏾
  11. A classic
    Will Kane DID THE RIGHT THING and didn't run away. He stood up for what he knew to be right, when almost everyone around him failed to support him.
  12. Watch this film! 😍
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  14. Thanks!