Inspired by @JillCarley. Here is her excellent list: HOUSE RULES and also @love4candles2016 Here's her list: House Rules and @ktrust Her list: HOUSE RULES and @ashlee Her list: HOUSE RULES
  1. No talking before coffee!
    Silence is golden at 0600.
  2. Be kind ❤️
  3. If you cook, someone else has to do the dishes.
    Fair division of labour!
  4. We're all in this together!
    So no stereotyping about "boys" toys/roles/jobs and "girls" toys/roles/jobs thank you very much!
  5. Please leave your shoes by the front door.
    Everyone's more relaxed barefoot or in socks/stockings/tights.
  6. No TV or electronic devices at mealtimes.
    Let's talk to each other. 💜