1. 1. Have a new manager who does not listen and who does not respect deadlines.
    Make sure the new manager mansplains things to you despite you being in the job for six months.
  2. 2. Fret and worry about the looming deadline, which totally ruins your Christmas vibe.
    Make sure your manager goes out to posh lunches though - no point both of you getting stressed, right?
  3. 3. Hand over your hard earned cash in advance for your three course Christmas lunch at your department level holiday event.
    31 Great British pounds to be exact.
  4. 4. Less than one hour before heading out for your much anticipated lunch, have your new manager suddenly realise that there is A LOOMING DEADLINE!
    Make sure you act shocked and surprised.
  5. 5. Instead of having a yummy roast turkey lunch with all the trimmings, stay at your desk sending e-mails that should have been sent LAST WEEK IF ONLY YOUR NEW MANAGER HAD LISTENED TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!
    Make sure you smile sweetly while secretly thinking of all the ways you can exact your revenge on your new manager.
  6. UPDATE!
    My head of department (new manager's boss' boss) has authorised that I should be reimbursed! YAY!!!