I know I am a southerner because...... (English addition)

Thank you for this LR, @Waddy!
  1. ... I don't like mushy peas! 😪
  2. ... I NEVER have gravy or curry sauce on my chips!
    Why would you compromise the structural integrity of a crispy chip? WHHHHHY?!
  3. ... THIS is my idea of tea:
  4. ... Oop North, this is tea: 😳
    It is breakfast - lunch - DINNER, OK?!
  5. ... This is how we dress down south for winter:
    If the temperature "plummets" to single digits Celsius, out come out boots, fleece lined coats and gloves!
  6. ... And how they dress for winter in the frozen North:
    They are TOUGH UP NORTH!!!
  7. 😂😂😂