I am conducting a highly scientific taste test for the people of London - nay! - FOR THE WORLD, by tasting breakfast pastries in various coffee shops in and around Trafalgar Square. I know, I am SELFLESS!
  1. Monday: PRET A MANGER
    Pain au raisin. Pure deliciousness! It was warm, just out of the oven and basically I wanted TO MARRY IT. @Boogie, you understand, don't you? Instead, I stuck to the time honoured tradition of devouring it. 10/10
  2. Tuesday: CAFFÈ NERO
    Apricot croissant. Yep, I would not want this research to ignore the importance of fruit in one's diet. 👀 Also, this is the kind of flakiness that I like... Not necessarily marriage material, but a sexy fling perhaps? 9/10
  3. Wednesday: STAFF CANTEEN
    It's as if I am not taking my scientist research seriously or something. In a terrible dereliction of duty, I did not venture to Trafalgar Square this morning. I did some basic research by consuming a toasted bagel. Not marriage material, not even a FWB. Apologies - this critical and important research will be resumed in due course.