As requested by @dad3 (thank you)! Here we go! If by "youth", you actually mean "childhood"...
  1. Visiting friends of my parents...
    ...and I was bored as. So when one of the hosts' kids invited me to play in his bedroom, I accepted with alacrity! (Calm down everyone - we were about five years old).
  2. We got locked in!
    We tried the door handle, kicking the door and shouting; then I burst into tears, because I could see my whole life before me, stuck in a kid's bedroom with no food, no TV and only rubbish toys to amuse me. I was SO SCARED!
  3. My dad rescued us.
    Really not sure how long we were locked in - probably 5 minutes but it felt like five years - but when my dad saved me from this hell, instead of showering him with hugs and kisses, I kept punching him in the face because he took so long! 😳
  4. (I've led a very sheltered life. Sorry)