An original idea from @dad3! THANK YOU! The premise is "if for the rest of my life I could only keep one of each item in the categories listed below, here's what I would retain, and the reasons why." Check out @Jenelle @jaidub @mnickwrites and @emmlag for their choices.
  1. Movie: Train wreck
    I originally had The Godfather because it is THE BEST FILM EVER (don't fight me on this!) but then I decided I probably wanted to laugh a lot, so then it came down to Bridesmaids or Train Wreck. Sorry Kristen Wiig.
  2. Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
    Very difficult decision - but I'll go with Harper Lee's classic.
  3. Album: The Best of Burt Bacharach
    Absolute classics sung by some of the best singers in the world.
  4. Food: Rice
    OMG I ❤️ rice! I hope I'd be allowed loads of herbs, spices and other flavourings for risotto - paella - curry - fried rice - sticky rice - sweet rice pudding - the list goes on *drooling*
  5. TV show: The Wire
    All the seasons! I've only binge watched it once but I was BLOWN AWAY! I need to see it again. And again. (Hellooo Idris Elba!)
  6. Complete outfit: pyjamas
    Fleecy ones for winter, pure cotton for warm weather. I swear, the day when it is perfectly acceptable to wear pyjamas to work MUST come soon!
  7. Car: Toyota Yaris
    I learned to drive in a Corolla, but my first (and only) car is a nippy Yaris.
  8. Piece of art: The Last Judgment by Bosch
    Why? Because there's always something new to discover in this amazing triptych.