O M Goodness, thank you SO MUCH for this LR, @andersun! I was just thinking of doing one after @Boogie's earlier question. So! A true Cockney is a Londoner born within the sound of the Bow Bells. Slang phrases are an expression that rhymes with a word, usually with the rhyming word omitted. I think it is easier to give examples:
  1. Butcher's HOOK = look 👀
    "Take a butcher's at this!"
  2. Mince PIES = eyes
    "He's got sexy pies!"
  3. Apples and PEARS = stairs
    "He was so drunk he fell down the apples"
  4. Adam and EVE = believe
    "I just can't Adam and Eve it..."
  5. Skin and BLISTER = sister
  6. Trouble and STRIFE = wife
  7. Syrup of FIGS = wig
    "I'm SURE he's wearing a syrup!"
  8. Barney RUBBLE = trouble
    "Uh oh, he's in Barney Rubble!"
  9. Plates of MEAT = feet
    "My plates hurt!"
  10. Any ideas about what this means???
    "Use some Bob Hope on your Boat Race"