Thank you SO MUCH for this LR, @andersun! I might have SQUEALED IN DELIGHT when I received it... And I see how you've written the title (as you've done previously), don't think I didn't notice!!! Anyway, this weekend saw the first games of the new season and I am BEYOND EXCITED (Can you tell?!)
  1. The Special One will say and/or do something controversial. He's definitely the most likely to serve a touchline ban.
    My prediction: Manchester United will be champions.
  2. The Chelsea owner will sack the manager if the team does not successfully defend their title and/or win The Champions' League.
    My prediction: Chelski will be runners up.
  3. Spurs won't repeat their EPL second place, but they will have a good run in The Champions' League.
    My prediction: FA Cup finalists.
  4. Arsenal fans will demand that the manager is sacked if the team is not challenging for the title.
    My prediction: Arsenal will qualify for next season's Champions' League. Arsene will retire.
  5. Liverpool will continue to play attacking, attractive football... but they will be an unmitigated disaster in defence.
    My prediction: Liverpool will finish in fifth place.
  6. Pep Guardiola will complain that there is no winter break in the EPL, and Manchester City will fade away in the period after Christmas.
    My prediction: Manchester City will not qualify for The Champions' League via the EPL, but they'll do well in the CL.
  7. Brighton will be plucky battlers, but they will finish in the bottom half of the table.
    My prediction: Chris Hughes will still have his job at the end of the season *crosses fingers*
  8. Wayne Rooney will score against Manchester United at Old Trafford.
    But his goal celebrations will be low key.
  9. Romelu Lukaku will score against Everton at Goodison Park.
    His goal celebrations will be extravagant and the home fans will be enraged.
  10. Pogba will have the most ridiculous hair in the EPL.
    This is the only prediction that I am confident about.
  11. What do you think???