As requested by @andersun - thank you!
  1. Some people...
    Go travelling half way across the world #NotJealous
  2. And others...
    Do aid work overseas #BlessThem
  3. I did something entirely different!
    I got a proper job!
  4. The Office
    I worked with an amazing bunch of people, who taught me a lot and made me laugh every single day! We had a fab party for the Royal Wedding. Ahhh, Andrew and Sarah... And they said it wouldn't last! Oh, hang on...
  5. I saved A LOT of money!
    And paid for my own stuff when I went to uni in October 1987.
  6. And during my first term at uni, I spent loads on pizza, parties and wine!
    The rest I just frittered away. 😂
  7. The End