Thank you for the LR, @supabg!!! You know I ❤️ to shop, right?! [Edit] - I think I may have approached this list in er... not quite the spirit it was intended - oops 🙊 This list is about a few of my fave things that have lasted for ages. Not necessarily bargains though. SORRY!!!
  1. My MacBook 💻
    It is 10 years old and it is currently lost in my storage facility since I moved back to London, UK from Ottawa, Canada.
  2. My red hoodie cardigan from Next
    I might have had it for 20 years, but I ❤️ it. I am not sure how much it cost? But I wear it SO OFTEN that it probably works out at 0.01 of a penny or something.
  3. My Analon saucepans
    I have LOADS! From a milk pan to sauté pans, with a paella pan too (I've used it ONCE! But you know, I AM READY for if/when I have to cook another paella). Several skillets and frying pans... They last forever! So basically they are expensive but an investment? (Who am I trying to kid???)
  4. My Bang & Olufsen earphones
    Yes! I bought them Duty Free (so, A BARGAIN) and they will come into their own when I eventually upgrade to an iPhone 7???
  5. All my Clinique skin care and cosmetics