Thank you @kellyk for this LR! I used to read my horoscope EVERY DAY when I was teen! 😳😂 And in my 20s, I had my chart done (Sun sign: Scorpio - Rising sign: Virgo), more to understand my character and why I react to things & people the way I do. I prefer Myers Briggs for that analysis TBH (ISTJ).
  1. Some truth? ✅✅✅
    "Providing fun diversions for people under stress..." - We are full on busy at work right now, so today I regaled my long suffering team mates with hilarious stories about things I've done: regularly falling asleep in meetings scheduled between 2 and 3pm; not recognising senior members of staff when they approach me; getting lost in our building with the former Foreign Minister of [sorry: that item is highly classified] MY FEELING: 😊
  2. But also a bit rubbish? ❌❌❌
    "The moment you've been waiting for to pursue a special dream" - Hmm, no. I don't think the planets were aligned for this one. The only moment that was eagerly awaited today was 6pm so that my weekend could begin! MY FEELING: 😐
  3. ♏️♏️♏️