Thanks for the LR, @rellimt! So, full disclosure - as a teen, I did not work while I was a school student. I focussed all my energies on school work and getting good grades 🤓 I wasn't the fashion conscious person I am today (LOL!); I didn't wear make up and I didn't take driving lessons.
  1. Early summer 1986: Meals on Wheels assistant
    After my A level exams, I left school and took a year off before going to uni. I signed on with an employment agency and the first job I had was delivering ready made meals to senior citizens. The seniors were fantastic - so friendly! I later realised that they were very lonely, and we were often the only people they spoke with regularly. 😢
  2. Late Summer 1986: Library Assistant
    I love books and I love meeting people, so working as a library assistant was AWESOME! I worked in several libraries whenever they were short staffed; some were tiny community libraries but others were big. When things were slow, I COULD READ BOOKS!!! 📚
  3. Autumn 1986 - Summer 1987: Office junior
    This was my very first "grown up" job in between school and university. Here's my list about this job: [LR] MEMORIES OF MY GAP YEAR