With huge thanks to @cree for this LR! I am fortunate to have a career which has allowed me to travel all around the world. I've had positive experiences everywhere - this list is ranked based on how I feel right now. It changes depending on my mood, but the top two are always the same. Honourable mentions: Rome - LA - Davos - Tokyo - Phnom Penh
  1. Quebec City
    Cobbled streets, forts and cannons. Stone buildings, narrow streets. Dates back to 1608.
  2. Melbourne
    Cool and laid back. A great city to navigate on foot. I loved drinking coffee in the many cafés, just people watching.
  3. Vancouver
    Another cool city - with the Pacific Ocean and mountains providing stunning scenery.
  4. Sydney
    Full of colour and wonder! I ❤️ that the beach is so close to the city centre. Iconic landmarks such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. My favourite place to celebrate New Year's Eve (it's the height of summer which is AWESOME!)
  5. Ottawa and Canberra
    The two cities of my substantive diplomatic assignments. They are both gems! Pretty, not pretentious; super easy to live in; wonderful people. Nine months of summer in Canberra (or so it seemed...); almost six months of winter in Ottawa - BRRR!
  6. Paris
    Beautiful city, stylish people! So much to see every time I go there... But yet another great city to have a coffee and people watch.
  7. Siena
    Too perfect! The centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site: Medieval buildings, a fan shaped central square and a Gothic town hall. So much Renaissance art!
  8. Florence
    The historical and cultural significance of this amazing city is undisputed. I ❤️ everything about it - the beautiful light; the art that makes me weep; THE FOOD!
  9. London
    I know my home town has its faults (pollution, over crowding, crime, it's expensive), but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages - I ❤️ its diversity, its history, the art & architecture. We've known heartache and terrorism, but we're never down for long!
  10. New York
    I get such a buzz from this city! I knew a lot about it before my first visit (news, books, films); but when I arrived there, I soon realised I had much to learn! Museums, art galleries, the distinct characteristics of each neighbourhood...