[LR] Why Obama is my profile picture

Thank you for the LR, @shadowman!
  1. So, in the lead up to Inauguration Day 2017, there was a Facebook campaign, via PM, requesting people to change their profile pics across all social media, to a pic of President Obama.
    Which one to choose though???
  2. There were just TOO MANY to choose!
  3. TOO MANY!
  4. This one is one of my favourites:
    The framing is fantastic: look at that bird in that blue, blue sky! It's probably a seagull but it could be a dove? And President Obama is in a blue, casual shirt. He is looking down, but smiling. But we don't know what is making him smile! It's a hopeful pic, I think?
  5. It probably won't be my profile pic forever, but I love seeing it every day when I log on to List. 😍