The second in the series! I've decided to go with a genre this time, instead of a single artist or band, K? Most of these songs make me cry, so please proceed with extreme caution.
  1. "You're my best friend" Don Williams
    Favourite lyric: "You're my anchor, in life's ocean" - OMGoodness *starts to weep, gently*
  2. "Crystal chandeliers" Charley Pride
    Favourite lyric: "And you turned away from the love that I offered you" - *loud, wretched SOBBING*
  3. "Landslide" Dixie Chicks
    Favourite lyric: "Can the child within my heart rise above?" *cleansing tears*
  4. "I'm so happy I found you" Lucinda Williams
    Favourite lyric: "And since I've known your sweet caress / I'm cryin'..." *tears of PURE JOY*
  5. "Islands in the Stream" Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
    Favourite lyric: "You do something to me that I can't explain / Hold me closer and I feel no pain"