1. I will stand up for the things I believe in and I am a committed feminist.
    This is an essential part of my brand of femininity.
  2. I ❤️ mani pedis
    Bright red polish for my toe nails, just a shiny clear polish for my finger nails.
  3. I LOVE sports!
    Watching - not actually playing! I like football ⚽️ and athletics and cricket and rugby. And then I love discussing the games, the results and arguing about who is going to win the league!
  4. I ❤️ to cook!
    Mainly because I love to eat! Grilled meat, rice, vegetables, pasta, soup, pies, BACON!!! Get in my belly!!!
  5. I used to love going to the gym...
    ...But I love sleeping in more. So I have embraced my apple shape and my biscuit baby belly.
  6. I am not offended by dirty jokes and swear words.
    Misogyny and rape culture incur my wrath.
  7. I have heaps of jewellery and accessories, and I love wearing hats.
    But you'll ALWAYS find me in trousers (work); jeans (weekends) or sweat pants (all other times).
  8. I won't give birth, but that doesn't make less of a woman.
    I will always support stay at home mums AND mums who work AND women who don't want to have children. AND I WON'T JUDGE OTHER WOMEN.
  9. I ❤️ beer!
    And red wine and white wine and cocktails.
  10. I don't mind chivalry and good manners, but realise I can look after myself, and I can fight my own battles.
    I may vent and share my frustrations, but please don't take this as a sign that I want you to fix things for me.