Inspired by @zoe
  1. I'm Jacqui!
    There have ALWAYS been a lot of Jacquelines, Jackies, Jaclyns wherever I go. I think young mothers in the 1960s all hoped that their daughters would find inspiration from Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.
  2. 153cm (really short!) - hardly any hair - brown eyes - fat feet. We don't mention weight around here. 🤐
  3. You bet I'm pro Black Lives Matter - a feminist - and pro choice!
  4. Committed carnivore and a lover of BACON!
  5. Roller coasters? No - Nope - NEVERRR!
  6. Fan of football ⚽️ (not so much the American version, unless it is the Super Bowl and the half time show is excellent)
  7. So short sighted without my glasses that I am basically Mr Magoo's sister.
  8. I have an intense dislike of bullies, liars and people who are cruel to animals.
  9. City more than countryside; apartments over houses; Autumn is the best season; Christmas is the best holiday.
    Though having experienced one US Thanksgiving and four Canadian ones, I could fully get behind a UK version that is dedicated to a big turkey dinner followed by a food coma.
  10. ISTJ
    So I will bail on large social gatherings but I will dutifully fulfil any tasks to a really high standard. But don't take me for granted because one day I'll just SNAP and you won't know what's hit you.
  11. ❤️ family, friends, travelling (for work & for pleasure) and Idris Elba.