1. Her name was LORMA!
    When she told people her name, they would ALWAYS reply with: "Lorna?" And she would smile sweetly at them and say no.
  2. She NEVER told me off!
    One of my earliest memories is that time when I licked my plate after she made us a yummy meal, and she GENTLY told me that I should ask for more if I wanted, but that licking the plate wasn't a good thing. (I may have been five years old. I have been known to lick my plate as an adult though 😳).
  3. She'd do ANYTHING for us!
    When we were kids, it unexpectedly snowed one day. My sister desperately wanted to go out to play in it, but my mum refused to let her frolic in this winter wonderland. So, my granny BROUGHT THE SNOW INSIDE! (Only a couple of bucket loads - my mum wasn't impressed though, but she was a dutiful daughter-in-law, so she seethed in silence).
  4. She spent her pension on her grandchildren
    Every second Friday, she would buy me, my siblings and my cousins fish and chips from the best chippy in Brockley (where we lived) AND a Curly Wurly. EACH! BTW, there were TONS of cousins.
  5. Her reaction to E.T.
    When we sat down as a family to watch this classic film on TV, she was silent for a few minutes, so I asked her if she had enjoyed it. She turned to me and asked: "Is E.T. a boy or a girl?"
  6. She LOVED to gossip!
    During my teen years, I remember that she once used the term "And then they went to donkey beach" as a euphemism for sex, and me and my sister couldn't stop laughing and then we started using this phrase ALL THE TIME ("Do you think Kylie and Jason are going to donkey beach?!")
  7. Love you and miss you, Granny Lorma!