In celebration of this important date in the culinary calendar, here is my list of the components of the ultimate Diva Burger!
  1. A posh bun 🍔
    Toasted ciabatta - YES PLEASE!
  2. Angus beef patty 🍔
    Grilled, mmm!
  3. Crisp, romaine lettuce 🍔
    (OMGoodness, I'm getting hungry)
  4. BACON! 🍔
    I'm starting to salivate
  5. Slices of beef tomato 🍅
  6. Sweet onions 🍔
    Cooked, not raw
  7. Mushrooms 🍔
    A tasty variety like porcini
  8. Tomato ketchup 🍔
    Only Heinz, thank you
  9. Mustard 🍔
    American will do, Dijon would be even better
    No grilled slice of plastic masquerading as cheese 😪