So, I've been in my new job since last Tuesday, and my new colleagues and I have been shadow boxing and warily getting to know each other.
  1. Today, there was some intensive and in-depth questioning and I was under IMMENSE pressure to answer honestly.
  2. Basically, my credibility was on the line here.
  3. I knew I would be judged harshly and that my reputation would be trashed if my reply was sub-par:
  4. "So, what is YOUR favourite ABBA song?"
    I may have started to sweat profusely at this point.
  5. This was even harder than the "Where do you stand on Jaffa Cakes?" question (obviously I am pro orange & chocolate biscuit/cake deliciousness)
  6. My answer?
    I decided to hedge my bets
  7. "Angel Eyes"
  8. But also...
  9. "One of Us"
  10. Colleagues' reactions: sharp intakes of breath, followed by sage nods and exclamations of approval! 🎉
  11. My reaction: imaginary fist pump - release of breath that I didn't know I was holding - immense waves of relief!
  12. PHEW!