I think it's being "the third wheel" in American English? idk. Anyhow, this happened today. 😊
  1. My parents won a prize in their church's raffle.
    They give a lot to their church (time, money, devotion, prayers), so it was lovely to hear that they'd won something!
  2. The prize was tea for two!
    At a local café. A hipster café (!)
  3. So my parents thought they should be accompanied by a "young" person. Me. 😳
    I am 48 years old.
  4. We were going to go a couple of weeks ago.
    But the café was flooded recently because of heavy rain. 😢
  5. But the café - Arlo & Moe, in Crofton Park - was fully operational again today!
    The staff were absolutely lovely to my parents.
  6. Here's a pic!
    Diva Dad looks a bit sceptical but he really enjoyed his Bakewell cake and English breakfast tea!
  7. Here's another pic!
    Diva Mum ❤️ cake!!!
  8. I had a sausage roll!
    Because that's how I...
  9. And that, kids, is how I played gooseberry when my parents went on their date.
  10. Thanks!