After the dreadful events of recent weeks, a long planned day out with my BFF!
  1. She lives in Sheffield, I live in London, so we met halfway.
    We met in Birmingham, England's second city. I took the train from London Euston. It was a glorious morning, which then became too hot and too humid.
  2. We chatted nineteen to the dozen, fuelled by coffee in the John Lewis store, in Birmingham New Street Station.
    It's a HUGE shopping complex that just happens to be a train station too?! We talked about our respective families and mutual friends; politics; the awful fire. Her dad is a retired firefighter.
  3. We actually didn't make it out of the station... 😂😂😂
    It really is ENORMOUS with lots of shops and places to eat! And who wants to schlep outside in the heat and humidity when there are perfectly air conditioned places to eat lunch inside the station???
  4. Me and my BFF in 2011 (maybe?)
    Pic credit to my then 9 year old niece. Her photography skills have improved a great deal since then! I don't have any recent pics of me and Marrianne, which is a shame.