I just can't deal right now, dear reader! I JUST CAN'T! So the very day after I celebrated my 300th list and on the VERY DAY I missed my work Christmas lunch, THIS HAPPENED!!!
  1. LOOK!
  2. Static
    Excited face!
  3. Static
    OMG! It's brown paper! My gift is brown paper AND I LOVE IT! *excited squeals*
  4. Static
    Anticipating face!!!
  5. LOOK! LOOK!!!
    A beautiful box inside the box.
  6. Static
    Please take a moment to gaze at this perfection.
  7. Static
    I am giving you, dear reader, another chance to admire this box. I swear, I took a zillion pics and I just kept getting even more excited.
  8. OMG - OMG - OMG!
    I think everyone in my street heard me scream TBH.
  9. Static
    Actual real time reaction pic.
  10. Static
  11. Static
    At this point, I nearly passed out with joy. Not even kidding.
  12. Static
    Real time reaction pic again.
  13. Static
    At this point, I stopped breathing.
  14. Static
    And then the tears came. But no pics because after the day I've had, the tears were too raw and heartfelt and I had to take a few moments. Sorry.
  15. Static
  16. Static
    After the tears. My nose is redder than Rudolph's.
  17. I have looked all over for a clue to identify my Secret Santa, but alas! My dearest Secret Santa, if you are so inclined, please reveal yourself so that I can shower you with the thanks and acknowledgement you deserve. I am truly overwhelmed.
  18. @DawnCloud Thank you so much for organising this amazing event.