Inspired by @justjills ~ here is her shoe-tastic list! Shoes I Need to Live 📂
  1. For work:
    A bit boring and conservative, but they go with most of my office wardrobe, so, yeah.
  2. Sometimes for work, also weekends:
    Just to vary my choices during the week, but also for rushing around at the weekend if I am out and about, trying to cram in life admin, shopping and socialising in 48 hours.
  3. Winter footwear:
    I'd wear boots all year if I could, TBH.
  4. Inclement weather:
    Absolutely essential in the UK.
  5. Summer:
    I'm a big fan! I have 3 pairs (red, green and blue) from my stint in Brazil. 🇧🇷
  6. My wealthy, jet setting alter ego:
    Yeah, yeah, sure, WHATEVER! 😂