I love Ottawa, it has been an honour and a privilege to live here for the last four winters. Yes, that's how we measure time in the nation's capital; not in years, but in winters.
  1. It is minus 20C on the official first day of Spring.
    And it snows. A lot.
  2. There is a thaw.
    Ice falls off the roofs of tall buildings, putting the lives of innocent passers-by in grave danger. You MUST wear Hunter wellington boots or Ottawans will think you are a peasant.
  3. More snow.
    Adults start to weep.
  4. Suddenly, it is PLUS 20C.
    Ottawans discard their fleecy layers and head to patios to drink and get their seasonal dose of Vitamin D. Everyone forgets about winter (it is a similar thing to mothers forgetting about the pain of childbirth when they bond with their babies).