As requested by @Waddy, (thanks for this!); I saved it for my 40th list - WOO HOO! - here are a few things that I love about my job:
  1. In London, I work in a Grade 1 listed building.
    Treaties have been negotiated and signed here for CENTURIES! Pros: 1. The Fine Rooms are stunning; 2. Visitors are always impressed; 3. You can peep into Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives!) from certain rooms. Cons: 1. It gets hot in summer (there's no air con); 2. There is a rodent problem... Hence Palmerston, the office's rescue cat (Twitter: @diplomog) 3. The weight of history.
  2. Overseas, I have had the honour & privilege of representing the UK...
    Static Nepal, Yemen, the Seychelles, Pakistan, the Philippines (twice), Guyana, Kazakhstan (twice), Cambodia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, France, Tunisia (short stints). Longer in New York and Brasilia (temporary duties). Full tours in Canberra 🇦🇺 and Ottawa 🇨🇦
  3. Travelling! Every single country is unique. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know the people, history and customs of each and every country where I have worked.
    Side notes: We mostly travel in economy class (saving the tax payers a lot of £££); I am BRILLIANT at knowing the capital cities of most countries - very useful for pub quizzes; I love people watching in airports.
  4. National Day celebrations
    Other Embassies and High Commissions invite us to celebrate their special occasions with them. July is an awesome month in this regard: Canada Day on 1 July; 4 July (US) and Bastille Day on 14 July (France). Please believe me that they are work events though, where I engage with other diplomats and members of the host government. 😬
  5. Is this cool enough, @Waddy?