Almost live listing things I'm eating and drinking today.
  1. 0600: Black coffee, one teaspoon of sugar. At Diva HQ.
    No pic because I was barely alive at that time.
  2. 0800: Breakfast - al desko.
    I make bad choices EVERY DAY.
  3. Static
    But it tastes SO GOOD!
  4. Static
    Does this balance things out? Maybe not.
  5. LUNCH!
    Chicken, hummus and pomegranate salad. DELICIOUS!
  6. Static
    I wish this was a bottle of Côte du Rhône.
  7. 1700: I am RAVENOUS! I should have had some chips with my salad. And a burger.
  8. 1945: very late dinner!
    Home made with love by the Diva Mother: Chinese spiced roasted pork belly, rice and green peas.