Almost live listing things I'm eating and drinking today.
  1. 0600: Black coffee, one teaspoon of sugar. At Diva HQ.
    No pic because I was barely alive at that time.
  2. 0800: Breakfast - al desko.
    I make bad choices EVERY DAY.
  3. But it tastes SO GOOD!
  4. Does this balance things out? Maybe not.
  5. LUNCH!
    Chicken, hummus and pomegranate salad. DELICIOUS!
  6. I wish this was a bottle of Côte du Rhône.
  7. 1700: I am RAVENOUS! I should have had some chips with my salad. And a burger.
  8. 1945: very late dinner!
    Home made with love by the Diva Mother: Chinese spiced roasted pork belly, rice and green peas.