1. As a kid, FA Cup Final day was one of the best days of the year!
    Only Christmas and my birthday brought me greater joy.
  2. Probably because this was one of the few times that we got to see a live game on TV.
    Now, we have loads of games on subscription as well as a limited number on free to air channels.
  3. Back then, managers and teams respected the FA Cup.
    They would always field their top teams. But in recent years, some clubs have put all their energies into winning the league or getting promoted instead. This makes me sad.
  4. The build up to the final was phenomenal!
    Some football clubs would release records! The players would be featured in newspapers and on the TV: you might sometimes get to read about what they did off the pitch, or see their families. Now, with players and their wives/partners given celebrity status, we know a lot (too much?) about them already. So, there is no mystery, nothing new to learn about them...
  5. There used to be more giant killing!
    The gap between clubs in the Premier League and "the rest" is increasing every year. So most recent finals have been contested by clubs in the top tier.
  6. The magic of the Cup:
    So often, the underdog prevails against the favourites. It makes it a really special competition! Like today, when Arsenal beat Chelsea, despite most experts predicting that the Blues would win convincingly!
  7. I miss the 3 o'clock kick offs!
    The final now starts at 5.30pm, apparently to boost TV viewing figures? idk.
  8. I'm always in tears when they sing Abide With Me.
    Every. Single. Time.
  9. The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world. ⚽️
  10. It was founded in 1871.
  11. It is an annual tournament in English football.
  12. The tournament consists of 12 randomly drawn rounds.