1. Victim number one:
    Thomas Farriner's maid. Farriner was the king's baker and the fire started in his bakery, in Pudding Lane.
  2. 6 deaths were recorded.
    This figure is very unreliable: historians believe that the deaths of poor people, the middle class and slum dwellers were not recorded. Also, the heat was intense and some victims may have been incinerated.
  3. 87 parish churches were destroyed.
    (Not including St Paul's Cathedral)
  4. 13,200 houses were consumed by the flames.
    Most of the homes were made of wood with thatched roofs. People also stored highly combustible items in their homes such as tar, oil and gunpowder.
  5. 70,000 of the City's 80,000 inhabitants had their homes destroyed.