Yes, he has passed away but this is also a time for celebrating an amazing life! I've never been a boxing fan, but this man, his words and his deeds, were the backdrop to my childhood in 1970s Britain. Muhammad Ali and Great Britain had an incredible relationship:
  1. Hyde Park
    For training
  2. The Beatles
    For sharing the bill on a talk show
  3. Notting Hill
    For visiting a children's home. Look how he is sitting on the floor with the kids - on their level!
  4. British newspapers
    For creating headlines - even though he beat British boxers (Henry Cooper, Joe Bugnor), - the Great British public always loved him.
  5. Conscientious Objector
    For being on the right side of history with regard to the Vietnam war / the Resistance war against America (depending on your point of view).
  6. Icon
    For being black and beautiful when I was a child and I needed to see heroes who looked like me and my family.
  7. Brixton
    For visiting the traditional centre of London's black community and getting mobbed. Every. Single. Time.
  8. BBC Sports Personality of the Century
    For polling more votes than the rest of the candidates put together (Pele, George Best, Bradman, Nicklaus and Jesse Owens).
  9. Muslim
    For standing strong in the face of rampant Islamophobia, in particular after 9/11.
  10. London 2012 Olympics
    For gracing our opening ceremony.
  11. Knighthood
    For services to charity and civil rights: In April 2016, over 25,000 people signed a petition urging the UK Government to confer an honorary award.
  12. Thank you for reading this, it is my 20th list! *kisses*