1. I would have LOVED to be part of the awesome march in London.
    But I had a date.
  2. The London Mayor joined the march...
    YAY! Go Sadiq!!!
  3. ... as did that honorary Londoner, Mr LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA!!!
    Be still my beating heart!
  4. My date was with my favourite goddaughter!!! 😍
    Relax everyone, I only have ONE goddaughter. And she is precious to me.
  5. But instead of having lots of fun, we ended up in A&E! 😢
    My goddaughter's mum (my friend from the age of 11) was in excruciating pain and needed various tests to work out why.
  6. We ❤️ the NHS!
    Care, attention, professionalism all the way, all day. Thankfully, she was given painkillers and the all clear to go home.
  7. Here are some pics from my day before it all went Pete Tong*
  8. Charing Cross station
  9. Static
  10. I wasn't on the march, but I was there in spirit.