*I may have been eavesdropping... 😳 Third and final list about the Olympics today.
  1. Two young, attractive men in the pub:
    "Who would have thought I'd stay in on a Friday night, watching a women's hockey match?!"
  2. On the bus, a 40-something white guy talking to his friend on his mobile 'phone:
    "Oh man! Our guy got SO CLOSE in the taekwondo! He was GUTTED! I was SO choked!"
  3. So, yeah we KNOW that the Olympics are problematic (doping, expensive, environmental concerns, to name just a few major issues).
  4. But when a women's match is broadcast during prime time and EVERYONE is glued to their TVs to see who wins; and when a white Brit says "OUR guy" about a black Brit and he admits that he was overcome with emotion, I think that the Olympics can be a positive thing. Here's hoping that we continue moving forward.
  5. Faster
  6. Higher
  7. Stronger