Chronological list
  1. When it started to rain just as I stepped out of the house.
    And I did not want to go back inside to look for my umbrella because I did not want to miss my bus, but...
  2. ... The bus was three minutes EARLY!
    So I was at the end of my street, in between bus stops, as the bus went by.
  3. So I decided to take an alternative route to work, on another bus. And this happened:
  4. And then this:
  5. So I got to work late. And then there were two very long meetings to attend, and reports to write.
  6. And while dinner after work with Pete was FAB and yummy...
  7. Static
  8. ... I didn't get home until about 10pm and *that's* when I found out ABOUT BEYONCÉ'S TWINS!
    I think I might have been the last person in the whole of Great Britain to hear this news. 😡