My partner in crime (@karinearianeduval) has set off on a new adventure, leaving me behind in the barren landscape that is our office. Here are a few of the many things I miss about her sparkly presence:
  1. 10. Freckles
  2. 9. Old Man Skolski's outrage
    Whenever @karinearianeduval dared to bare her shoulder in her big woolly jumper with the super wide neckline.
  3. 8. MAC matte lipstick colours
  4. 7. Genuine tears over Kanye's genius
  5. 6. Emphatic statements about Adele
    About how they would be BFFs if only Adele knew that @karinearianeduval existed
  6. 5. Annual demands that Leo should win an Academy Award
    Oh - wait - hang on...
  7. 4. Brilliant Netflix recommendations
  8. 3. Increasingly vehement exhortations that I REALLY MUST WATCH "TITANIC"
  9. 2. Ill-informed colleagues calling her KA-REEN
    Or Karen.
  10. 1. Just about everything to be honest