1. Ariana Grande
    Less than two weeks after the horrific terrorist attack at her concert, she returned to Manchester to meet the families of the victims; she visited injured fans in hospital and she put on an amazing benefit show which raised millions of pounds.
  2. Sadiq Khan
    The London Mayor condemned the dreadful terrorist attack, urged people to remain calm and not give in to hate. He refused to get involved in a Twitter storm with President Trump when he was misquoted.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn
    Despite most of the pundits and media writing off his chances at the beginning of the election campaign, the Leader of the Opposition increased Labour's share of the vote and encouraged young people to get out and vote.
  4. Idris Elba - don't @ me! I can count! This is just a totally gratuitous Gif of my beloved! 😍
    OK baby. 💋